We Give Kids a Late-Winter Outlet

The cold months are often hard on families with children. Even as winter turns into spring, the weather can be unpredictable, with rain, winds and even snow forcing everyone back inside. Fortunately, when rambunctious kids are eager to play, The Little Gym is prepared to help!

Rain, snow, or shine, The Little Gym gives children the opportunity to release that pent-up energy in a warm and safe place. This means consistent outlets for families and consistent revenue for our franchisees!

Year-round activity and fun for families

Children who are too young for organized sports don’t get many opportunities for exercise in winter. Snow and cold temperatures aren’t always safe for little ones, and it’s not easy to run, jump and tumble in snow boots and jackets!

However, regular physical activity is crucial for children’s growth and development, not to mention their mental health and interpersonal skills. Without some sort of physical outlet, young kids might spend the winter months cooped up inside in front of screens—or bouncing off the walls of their homes, to their parents’ dismay!

When the weather is unpredictable, The Little Gym is the perfect place for families to bring their kids for structured exercise and play. Our indoor gyms offer a respite from the cold that’s secure and supervised, so parents can be certain their kids are safe. Whether they’re enrolled in gymnastics, dance, karate or another program, kids have the opportunity to learn something new and move their bodies.

the fun isn’t just contained to winter, either! The programs children begin in winter can carry on through spring and summer, giving them the benefit of routine and structure. Our program diversity also gives kids options, so they can try new things in a familiar environment over time.

The Little Gym owners benefit, too

The Little Gym’s winter appeal provides benefits to both families and franchise owners. When you open your very own The Little Gym, you can use the winter season to position your business for success.

Seasonal marketing is a great way to draw customers in during cold months and get them to stay at the turn of the season. Lean heavily on the active environment The Little Gym offers families and capitalize on their need for enriching winter activities. Once they learn about what your business has to offer, they’ll be more inclined to enroll—and possibly become a long-term visitor!

The Little Gym franchisees also enjoy consistent, year-round revenue because of our program design. Families turn to us in winter because their kids need a safe, warm place to exercise that isn’t outside or in their homes. This helps drive winter-season enrollment. Then, as spring turns into summer, kids are out of school and lack structure. Although they can play outside, many families still want to maintain a routine. These families enroll kids in The Little Gym’s programs to carry them until school and sports programs begin again. This makes our programs attractive and profitable, regardless of the season.

Caring for children all year long

Of course, The Little Gym owners have a passion for serving children in their communities. Giving kids a place to play and grow instead of lounging in front of the TV all winter gives our team an immense sense of pride and satisfaction. You’re not just running a successful business—you’re also helping kids thrive!

There’s a reason The Little Gym has been one of the fastest-growing and top-ranked children’s fitness franchises for years. Our commitment to children’s growth and development, unbeatable franchisee support and creativity and innovation are unparalleled in the industry.

If you’re interested in opening a The Little Gym of your own and helping local families thrive, contact us! A franchising representative will help you begin your journey toward business success.