Find the Work-Life Balance You've Been Searching for with The Little Gym

In today's workforce, a stronger desire for a positive work-life balance is becoming more prevalent regarding when it comes to job search requirements. Individuals want to become their own boss, they want to dictate their own schedules, and they want to prioritize their lives, memories, and more importantly, their families while also making a living. Franchising provides the ultimate solution to what many may feel is an impossible predicament: freedom and flexibility.

The beauty of most business franchise models like The Little Gym comes from the ability to escape the traditional 9-5 lifestyle that for some can really look like 5-9 (with their eyes constantly glued to their phone for that Outlook notification or “quick” phone call). With The Little Gym, we give our franchisees the power to gain control over their career, giving them the ability to dictate the professional boundaries that make sense for them. They’re able to control how involved they want to be in the business, with the ability to work ON it, not always IN it.

The Little Gym, with family-friendly values at our core, also understands that a career does not have to mean you miss dinners with families or quality time with loved ones. We encourage our franchisees to involve their families! Here’s what one of our multi-unit franchisees had to say on this topic:

“Do you know anyone who eats, dreams, sleeps, and breathes The Little Gym? My family does just that. It’s been twenty years since my brother suggested we look at a family business. He was 23 and had been out of college for several years and was developing into a fantastic sales guy. I was in college, immersed in college life, with no plans to get involved in a family business; my dad was a successful corporate executive; my mom owned her own consulting business—we all had our own areas of interest. And then my mom and brother discovered The Little Gym. The rest is history, because we all became engaged in the business of The Little Gym. Funny how things happen—I worked for the gym after I graduated college, taught high school English, then fell right into the entrepreneurial dream when we opened our third location where my husband and I lived. Today our family proudly owns and operates five The Little Gyms.”

We’re incredibly proud of the fact that our industry-leading franchise gives individuals the key to unlock the chains of traditional entrepreneurism. We make things easy for them with comprehensive training, direction on hiring, insight on marketing, guidance on financial support and much more. We take the guess work out of business ownership and get franchisees the tools they need to succeed.

The Little Gym didn’t become a global leader in children’s fitness by chance. For over 45 years, we’ve worked closely with our franchisees to gain a better understanding of what they need as business owners and how we can help them become the best franchisees they can be.

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