Where Can You Open The Little Gym?

If you’ve decided to join The Little Gym’s family of children’s fitness centers, one of the first things you’ll need to do is decide on a territory. Where you’ll run your business is crucial to your connection to the community and, ultimately, your gym’s success.

The Little Gym has over 400 locations around the world, and we’re still growing! With four decades under our belts, we’re ready to help you narrow down your territory search and find the perfect place for your gym.

Ample territory options

The Little Gym currently has locations in major cities in most U.S. states as well as in countries across the globe. However, despite our prevalence, we still have immediate opportunities available in all markets! Wherever there are growing families with kids, The Little Gym has a business opportunity.

The reason we’re able to grow so much is that parents like having a children’s gym close to home. Few families want to drive over 30 minutes with energetic children to a weekly fitness program! Having a trusted activity center in their immediate neighborhood is more convenient and fits more easily into their daily schedules.

On top of that, The Little Gym’s programs cater to carefully sized groups of kids. Our gyms are designed to be as safe and comfortable as possible for children, their parents, and our instructors. This means we can only accommodate so many guests at one time. A region booming with growing families can easily sustain multiple The Little Gyms.

The Little Gym owners are passionate, hands-on entrepreneurs who are instrumental to the foundation of their businesses. They also want to be an important part of their communities. Because of this, many owners choose to open their gyms closer to home. Thankfully, you should be able to find an available market in your area!

We’re here to support you

For many of our franchisees, launching The Little Gym is their first business endeavor. This can make the process of finding, leasing and building out a location seem daunting. But there’s no need to worry! The Little Gym’s team is here to support you through the site location process.

Most of our owners choose to lease their gym’s location. In general, future owners should look for properties that meet a few characteristics:

  • Centrally located: You want your gym to be easy to find! Centrally located properties make it faster and less stressful for families to get to and from classes. It also increases visibility for your business. If your name is displayed on a prominent storefront or in a walkable area, more people will become aware of your brand and might decide to pop in.
  • Ample parking: Even if you’re in a walkable location, many families will drive their children to The Little Gym for classes. You want to be sure your property has lots of parking nearby, whether in a lot or on the street. This makes it safer for everyone to get to the building—especially with little ones in tow!
  • Cost-effective: The rent on your building shouldn’t be so high that your business can’t be profitable! Consider the cost of rent, insurance, utilities, and miscellaneous fees. Factor those costs into your operating budget and make sure the location is doable.

The best part about this process is that you don’t have to do it alone. As part of our franchisee onboarding process, The Little Gym’s Pre-Opening team will offer guidance and support as you select and open your gym location. We’ll help you identify ideal locations based on data from your territory, lease your property, get the proper licenses and permits and begin construction build-out. If you have questions about where to open The Little Gym, we’re here to answer them!

Is The Little Gym the right franchise opportunity for you? Join our growing family of passionate, creative, and family-focused entrepreneurs by filling out our contact form.