Our Ideal Candidate

Finding the Perfect Fit for Our Kids’ Gym Franchise

The Little Gym's network of franchisees is a diverse group made up of parents, accounting, finance, sales leaders, operations executives, existing business owners and beyond.

The Little Gym doesn’t simply sell franchises; we award them. Our team is very selective about whom we believe shares our mission and can effectively deliver our brand promise. Yet once we find a great match and award a territory, we commit to helping them succeed.

Single Unit Ownership

Many of our franchisees choose to start with one gym. Our single-unit owners are often first-time business owners who have a bachelor’s degree and experience in accounting, finance, or operations. They enjoy working with people, have the ability to build a team, and want to engage with their community.

Their passions include:

  • Children
  • Community
  • Legacy building
  • Wealth building

Their motivations include:

  • Having flexibility over their schedule
  • Bringing enrichment opportunities into their community
  • Building a business for themselves

Multi-Unit Ownership

If you’re a motivated and driven business owner with experience leading teams, you may want to dive right in and open more than one The Little Gym. Our multi-unit ownership is a good fit for owners who aren’t looking to work in their business and would prefer to build out a full team. These owners often have multiple streams of income and though they understand our core customers, they don’t necessarily need to interact with them.

Their passions include:

  • Wealth building
  • Family
  • Impacting multiple communities

Their motivations include:

  • Diversifying their portfolio
  • Financial returns
  • Providing for their family
  • Creating a long-term exit strategy

Feel like you’re a great fit for our kids’ gym franchise? Check out our Steps to Ownership page to learn more about the path to franchise ownership and take the first step today!

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