Child playing at The Little Gym

Expect Support at Every Stage with The Little Gym

For over 45 years, we’ve made it our mission to help business owners across the globe accomplish their goals and achieve their dreams. With people of every kind of background, experience level, and areas of strength owning a location of The Little Gym, it’s important for us as a franchise to provide them each with the type of support they need to thrive. Here are the ways in which we make sure our franchisees are getting the tools they need:


From the moment you sign your franchise agreement to when a child steps through your doors, The Little Gym ensures that you are guided down the right path toward success. This happens through various meetings and conversations with:

  • Pre-Opening Business team – This includes individuals ready to help you with Real Estate site selection, the build-out of your gym, the financial planning and analysis needed, the marketing tools you’ll be using, and even how to best select and train your team.

  • Business consultant – Are your goals obtainable? Our business consultants will not only help you make sure they are but will also help you achieve them.

  • Field Consultant – Doors are open, and classes have started… What now? Our field consultants with be with you for the long haul. They’ll be the ones you turn to when you need answers.


The beauty of owning a franchise with an established business model means most of the heavy lifting is already done for you. We make sure that for every challenge or difficulty you face, you’ve got the know-how and training of what to do. We make sure you’ve got places to turn:

  • Pre-opening Training – Before the doors of your gym open, our trainers work with you and your team to handle the daily operations and the not-so-daily mishaps that might arise.

  • Employee Training – As a franchisee, you’ll be receiving our online training system which will help you train and develop your team as you grow as a gym.

  • Ongoing Training – Once your gym is open for business, the training doesn’t stop. With regional and local training opportunities, we make sure you are presented with the latest and greatest curriculum, ideas, and strategies available.


The Little Gym makes sure moms and families know your gym is open and ready for some Serious Fun. Our Marketing team with help you conduct a fabulous grand opening, develop comprehensive brand awareness, and attract and retain new members and customers. We have turnkey options in the form of online marketing (think social media and email), grass root resources, in-gym materials, as well as print, direct mail, and public relations assistance. We’ll also make sure The Little Gym stays on top of mind on a national scale.

Human Resources

Hiring the individuals who help you run your gym is more than just reading a resume or conducting an interview. With advice and guidance from our HR department (and documented playbooks!), we’ll help you gain the right eye to find the individuals that support the mission of The Little Gym and share a passion for kids. We ensure hiring success with a dedicated careers page, an applicant tracking system, detailed job descriptions, interview guides, and support on gaining references and conducting background checks.


In a digital world, we have to make it as easy as possible for moms to enroll at The Little Gym. With our point of sale and customer relationship management system, your customers will be able to make all their purchases through their desktop and mobile devices and you’ll be able to track and manage the day-to-day transactions and operations of your gym. The system will also track and report the data and metrics you’ll need, helping your gym reach its fullest potential.

We firmly believe that when our franchisees succeed, we succeed. Get started on your journey as an owner of a Little Gym by contacting us today!