Top 5 Most Asked Questions from First-Time Franchisees

Franchising with The Little Gym takes dedication, courage, and a passion for growing a business and kids. For first-time franchisees, it can seem a little daunting. Have no fear, we've collected and answered the top four questions our first-time franchisees have asked:

What characteristics make a successful franchise owner?

At The Little Gym, we aren't looking for one-size-fits-all solutions and that goes for our franchisees as well. However, most of our gym owners do share some of the same backgrounds and experiences. Our owners typically have experience building teams and are passionate about impacting multiple communities. They understand our core customers but have a team to interact with them as they primarily work on the business (not in it). With a kid-focused business model, we love to find franchisees that are passionate about helping kids learn, play, and grow with business experience, natural leadership skills, and a willingness to learn.

What areas of support do you provide and how is it offered?

With over 45 years of experience, The Little Gym leadership recognizes the needs of its franchisees. That includes the necessity of having a robust training and support system. In addition to pre-launch consulting, where we assist in every twist and turn you might face before doors open, we offer immediate training through a pre-launch program that includes an eight-day training session at The Little Gym's training facility, as well as a week-long internship at a fully functional gym where you can practice your ownership skills and test your knowledge of what we're about. The support doesn't stop once the doors are open. As a franchisee, we offer ongoing support in areas like marketing, finance, HR, IT, and more. We want our franchisees to have the tools they need and do everything we can to get them in their hands!

Are there set territories where I can open?

With over 400 locations around the world, where you decide to open your doors is crucial to your connection to the community and ultimately, the success of your gym. There are not set territories where gyms can open because where there are growing kids, there's a need for The Little Gym! We look at potential territories that are centrally located that make it faster and less stressful for families to get to and from classes with ample parking and is cost-effective -- we don't want your rent to be so high that your business can't be profitable! Don't stress about finding a great location for your gym too much, our Pre-opening team will help you identify an ideal location!

Can I speak with other franchise owners about their experience with The Little Gym?

Absolutely! Our family of The Little Gym owners (and even Unleashed Brands overall), is vast and expansive. We want to make sure that in addition to the support we provide you directly, you can get insight, advice, and make connections with other fellow franchise owners to ease any potential stressors you might face.

Franchising for the first time can be stressful; we'll do everything we can to help that. Need more information? Reach out to us by filling out our contact form.