What Makes a Good TLG Owner?

It’s common for entrepreneurs to wonder if they have what it takes to be a good franchise owner. Every franchise system is different, though, and what works for one brand might not work for another. At The Little Gym, we aren’t necessarily looking for owners with C-suite business experience. Instead, we’re interested in creative, driven, and passionate entrepreneurs who share our philosophy and vision.

The Little Gym franchise owners come from a wide range of backgrounds, from teachers to accountants to veterans to mothers. You don’t even need experience in gymnastics or childcare to launch The Little Gym! As we review prospective franchisees, we look for a few key characteristics.

Passion for kids

The number-one thing all The Little Gym franchise owners share is a passion for children. Our child-focused business model is centered around helping children grow in more ways than one. We love working with and encouraging families and kids through our programs and in the larger community.

Our franchisees don’t just want to own a business. They are deeply passionate about what The Little Gym stands for and what we do for children every day. If helping kids learn, play and grow is a passion of yours, The Little Gym could be the perfect fit for you!

Business sense

You don’t have to have led a team of business executives to buy and operate a location of your own. However, you should have a good sense of how to run a business and be able to apply logical reasoning and sound decision-making.

Having some business experience will help you navigate the financials of the business, make smart decisions and put a plan in place to overcome small business challenges. While every owner of The Little Gym franchise is backed by industry-leading support from our corporate team, operating a successful franchise business is your responsibility.

Natural leadership

At The Little Gym, you won’t be working in a vacuum. Even if you start off teaching courses, you’ll eventually move to higher-level tasks in your business. Then, you’ll be responsible for hiring and training passionate instructors. Both your staff and the families who visit your gym will rely on you to lead them.

Owners must have a natural ability to lead a team through challenges and cultivate a strong culture at their gyms. You’ve heard it said, “There’s no I in team,” and that’s especially true when implementing a fun, enjoyable and difference-making business and team atmosphere.

Personable, relationship-driven mindset

As an owner, you won’t only be working with your staff on a daily basis. You’ll be interacting with the families and children who visit you, too.

Parents want to know that their kids are safe and well cared for every time they visit The Little Gym. It’s our owners’ jobs to be personable and focused on building trusting relationships with these families. Cultivating these relationships will strengthen your internal culture and make your customers more comfortable and eager to return.

Drive and perseverance

Running a small business is not always easy. Owners must be self-starters, but they must also maintain perseverance when things get tough. We expect every owner of The Little Gym to have a “can-do” attitude and consistently look for opportunities to grow.

Willingness to learn

We don’t expect The Little Gym franchisees to know everything when launching their gym. That’s why we have robust training programs in place, in addition to detailed, proprietary lesson plans to ensure your programming is top-notch. Our Three-Dimensional Learning approach challenges kids to master new physical, emotional and life skills, laying the groundwork for a lifetime of healthy habits.

We want owners who are willing to learn and try new things. Innovation is important, but so is following The Little Gym’s proven model. Together, we foster a sense of curiosity and growth across our company.

Charitable heart

The Little Gym isn’t just about making money. Our company’s core values include caring for the community. While we want every one of our owners to be successful and turn a profit, we also want them to give back.

Through The Little Gym Big Hearts program, owners are responsible for giving back to their local communities. By raising money for charities, hosting food and clothing drives, and conducting volunteer efforts, The Little Gym becomes a critical part of each neighborhood we serve. Our owners should share this sentiment and have a charitable heart.

Do you share these characteristics along with an entrepreneurial spirit? The Little Gym’s child fitness franchise might be the perfect opportunity for you. Fill out our form to get in touch with a representative and learn more about opening your very own The Little Gym!