Kids Build Confidence at The Little Gym

When parents enroll their kids in physical activities like gymnastics, they usually do so for fitness reasons. Gymnastics, dance, karate and other programs are great for children’s strength, flexibility and physical development. However, the benefits don’t stop there!

At The Little Gym, our gymnastics programming and other classes go far beyond physical activity. We’ve designed our curriculum to include “Three-Dimensional learning” that combines physical, mental and life skills. Kids don’t just leave The Little Gym stronger and healthier—they also have improved confidence, self-esteem and social skills.

Giving kids the tools they need to succeed

Gymnastics and other sports are just as mental as they are physical. That’s why a well-rounded curriculum is important for children’s development. As kids tumble and play, they’re also learning how to carry themselves in the world, trust their bodies and brains and interact with others in a healthy way.

Here’s how we help our students develop in ways beyond just the physical.

  • Self-esteem: Children need support and pride in their abilities in order to develop a strong self-image. When kids work on a new skill at The Little Gym, they develop better self-esteem. The excitement and joy that comes from a parent or teacher exclaiming “You did it!” can bolster a child’s feelings of self-worth and appreciation. When they develop self-esteem at a young age, kids grow up feeling prepared to take on the world.
  • Confidence: Nothing feels better than the pride you get after you accomplish something challenging! Overcoming obstacles allows children to develop greater confidence, which helps them remain brave in the face of challenges in the future. Through The Little Gym’s programs, kids learn how to do new things. In the process, they learn to trust their bodies. The more they practice, the better they’ll become, and the more confident they’ll get!
  • Social skills: Every child needs to develop social skills to be successful. Sharing, peer support, teamwork and leadership are all critical tools they’ll use throughout their lives. The Little Gym provides a communal setting for kids to learn and play. Because they’ll share the space with others, children are encouraged to interact in positive, healthy ways. Our students cheer each other on, support each other when they’re down, share equipment and toys and have fun together each and every day.

Join us in helping kids grow up well-rounded and healthy

Part of what makes The Little Gym’s Three-Dimensional approach so successful is having franchise owners who are equally dedicated to helping kids grow and develop. Our owners don’t just want to provide a place for kids to play. They want to help them grow into the best people they can possibly be! That means helping them develop the personal and life skills they’ll need later in life.

When you open your very own The Little Gym location, you’ll gain access to our suite of children’s classes and programs—and we’ll continue to support you! Our Curriculum and Training Department is always researching and developing new programs, music, themes and activities, all with that same goal of giving kids a well-rounded experience. As The Little Gym grows, so will our programs and our students—in more ways than one!

If you are an aspiring business owner with a passion for children’s development, The Little Gym might be the perfect fit for you. Get started by requesting information about our franchise opportunity. A representative will be in touch to begin your journey to franchise ownership!