The Little Gym Joins Unleashed Brands

For 45 years, The Little Gym has continued to grow across the globe. As the next step in our journey to set children up for success through healthy development, we’re excited to announce our partnership with Unleashed Brands!

Becoming a part of the Unleashed Brands platform will allow The Little Gym to focus more heavily on our innovative programs while scaling the business. We couldn’t be more excited to join a portfolio of family-focused brands that share a common vision.

Unleashed Brands Platform and Mission

Michael Browning, Founder of the successful children’s entertainment franchise Urban Air Adventure Park, launched Unleashed Brands this summer. In doing so, he intended to create a platform that leverages the expertise his team gained through building Urban Air over the past 10 years. By integrating the systems, infrastructure and processes that delivered success for his business, Browning is creating a launchpad to growth for other like-minded brands.

Unleashed Brands is curating a portfolio of innovative, profitable and family-focused companies with a common mission: to help kids learn, play and grow. The platform aims to bring the best brands together to provide exceptional experiences to children and their families. The three partner brands within Unleashed Brands today—Urban Air Adventure Park, The Little Gym and Snapology—comprise over 750 franchises that serve over 20 million children!

What Unleashed Brands offers brands like ours is a platform built for “supercharging” growth. The expertise it provides will allow our brand to scale much faster in addition to gaining support in areas like accounting, supply chain, marketing, operations, IT and real estate. This frees up time and energy for the brand to continue innovating new and exciting ways to deliver top-notch services and quality to customers.

The Little Gym and Unleashed Brands Make a Great Team

Unleashed Brands’ mission is to impact the lives of every kid by providing fun, engaging and inspiring experiences that help them become who they are destined to be. This mission is completely aligned with The Little Gym’s! We share Unleashed Brands’ passion for kids and the community, given our status as the world’s premier enrichment and physical development franchise for kids.

Our owners are wholly dedicated to the growth and development of children. Kids at The Little Gym develop physical, emotional, and life skills and build confidence. Our gymnastics-based, non-competitive curriculum as well as our dance, karate, and sports prep programming center us firmly in Unleashed Brands’ “Grow” segment.

“The Little Gym is an iconic industry-leading brand that has been in the hearts and minds of consumers for 45 years. The brand is already showing impressive sales over 2019 and coming out of the pandemic, parents are more aware than ever of the importance of the physical, cognitive and social growth of their children,” said Nancy Bigley, Brand President and CEO of The Little Gym. “I am so excited to dive in with my team with an eye towards my passion of increasing franchisee sales and profitability while building strong franchisee relationships.”

How The Little Gym Franchisees will Benefit

Becoming a part of the Unleashed Brands family has the potential to rocket The Little Gym’s growth even further! This will help franchisees enjoy a few important benefits.

  • Growth of the business: Having the support of the Unleashed Brands platform will help our business grow. As The Little Gym reaches new heights, we’ll have even more opportunities to help our franchisees reach their full potential. A stronger brand means better services and even more customers to propel your franchise forward.
  • Better corporate support: Unleashed Brands has designed its platform to help our corporate team deliver top-down support. From marketing to training to everyday franchising services, we’ll be in a better place to support you as you grow your business.
  • New opportunities: With Unleashed Brands helping us scale, we can focus on bringing new opportunities and revenue streams to franchisees. In the near future, The Little Gym plans to focus on modernizing the guest experience both digitally and in our physical centers. We also have plans to add even more value through a membership program!
  • More connections: The Little Gym relies on a culture of mutual support from our fellow owners and employees. As part of the Unleashed Brands family, we’ll be connected to and can learn from many more owners and brand representatives who share a passion for serving children and families.

The Little Gym team can’t wait to see what’s in store as we launch our next chapter with Unleashed Brands!

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