From The Little Gym Customer to The Little Gym Owner: Meet Rachel Daving

Rachel Daving is no stranger to rambunctious little ones — she was one herself! From cheerleading to softball, she was always on the move and ready to burn some energy. As she got older, her passion for fitness and an overall healthy lifestyle never wavered. She’s even an AFAA certified personal trainer!

After working as a NYS registered Dental Hygienist for several years, she realized that the best part of her job was when kids came into the office. “They lit up my day and I couldn’t get enough of their endless positive energy,” said Rachel.

Rachel’s The Little Gym Journey

Becoming a The Little Gym Customer

After the birth of her son, Rachel decided now was a great time to take some time off of work to enjoy her new baby. As her son grew, Rachel sought out extracurricular activities for the two of them. Being active herself, Rachel knew how important it was to get her son involved in an activity that would help to grow his motor, cognitive, and social skills.

After a little bit of research, Rachel soon found herself loving what The Little Gym stood for. Unfortunately, she didn’t have a gym in her area, so she drove over an hour to the closest location. It was at The Little Gym that she experienced her “super clingy” toddler take-off running right when they got through the door. After just one class at The Little Gym, it was clear he loved every second.

Life as a The Little Gym Owner

Rachel soon realized that she wanted to be so much more than just a customer — she wanted to be an owner. “My love of children, my passion for fitness and a healthy lifestyle, along with my silly personality made The Little Gym a great opportunity for my family and the community,” said Rachel. “I am so excited to be able to bring such an amazing concept to the Buffalo area! The amount of fun and learning that takes place inside the walls of The Little Gym will carry on into every aspect of your little one’s life.”

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