A Passion for Children Drives The Little Gym Owners

There’s a big difference between working out of necessity and working out of passion. When you’re passionate about your work, you’re excited to take on new challenges and the day seems to fly by. Here at The Little Gym, we know that a good franchisee is as passionate about children as they are entrepreneurship.

While there’s no denying that financial security is important, more and more studies are showing that when it comes to a person’s happiness, a purposeful job has the biggest impact on their life.

Is The Little Gym the Right Fit for You?

Because we’re always looking for people who are the right fit for our growing family, we award franchises to those who:

  • Are passionate about helping children. Our goal is to help children grow — grow their skills, grow their confidence, and grow their happiness. Nothing excites us more than watching a little one master a skill they’ve been working on or come out of their shell and make new friends.
  • Want to positively impact their community. The Little Gym is a business that affects every member of the community it’s in. The Little Gym locations around the world open their hearts to neighbors in need, kids, and families in less-fortunate situations, and future generations by caring about the health and safety of our shared world. At The Little Gym, giving back isn’t part of what we do — it’s part of who we are.
  • Have always wanted to be their own boss. Becoming a kids’ fitness franchisee offers you the opportunity to take control of your professional life in the short and long-term. You’ll now have the chance to create your own work hours and gain control of your workday.

If you want to know more about our children’s gym franchise opportunity, check out our Steps to Ownership page to learn about our process.