Why the New Year is a Perfect Time to Franchise with The Little Gym

Was 2019 a year of growth and excitement or do you feel like your professional life is lacking something? Do you want 2020 to play out just like 2019 did or are you ready to make a change?

There’s no time like the New Year to reflect on your past and plan for your future. If you’ve been considering entrepreneurship for some time, this is the year to make your dreams come true!

Franchising with The Little Gym

Take Control of Your Professional Life

Has your job felt unfulfilling lately? Everyone deserves to have a sense of pride in their work. Whether you’ve been passed up for promotions or are feeling uninterested in your work, being a franchise owner allows you to take control of your career while getting others excited about their work.

Challenge Yourself in New Ways

Being an entrepreneur is not something most people wake up one morning and decide to do. Owning a business is often something people consider for months, if not years. While it can seem intimidating at first, now is the time to challenge yourself in the most exciting ways.

Improve the Lives of Children in Your Community

The Little Gym has always been a place for children to learn, play, and develop their fine motor skills in a fun environment that’s noncompetitive. By opening a The Little Gym, you’ll be providing a space for kids to build confidence, socialize with their peers, grow new skills, and build skills for life.

Find Happiness in Your Personal Life

It’s easy to forget that your job has a major impact on your life outside of work. A stressful day at work can affect your personal relationships and stress level when you’re home or away from your job. On the other hand, a job you love can improve every aspect of your life. As a The Little Gym owner, you’ll not only realize your dreams of becoming a business owner, but you’ll work every day in an industry that excites and encourages you.

Take it from The Little Gym owners Ed and Mari Hughes. Ten years after opening their London ON, Canada location, they still absolutely love what they do. “The smiles on the kids’ faces, the pride in the parent’s faces, watching kids take their first steps, hearing their first words, seeing them beam when they accomplish a new skill and grow their confidence, season after season and year after year. Then their baby siblings start and the cycle continues. Members become friends and friends become “family”. There is nothing like it!”

Create a Legacy

The Little Gym is a family in every sense of the word, sometimes even literally! Karalyne Ley’s mom and brother discovered The Little Gym and according to her, “the rest is history!” After she graduated college, she worked at the gym and then “fell right into the entrepreneurial dream” when she opened her third location. Today, her family proudly owns and operates five The Little Gyms.

When you open a The Little Gym, you create a legacy that may live in your family for years to come!

Ready to change your life for the better? Consider joining The Little Gym family! If you want to know more about our children’s gym franchise opportunity, check out our Steps to Ownership page to learn about our process.