9 Signs It’s Time to Move on From Your Current Job

A study from the Conference Board found that 53-percent of working Americans are currently unhappy at their job. It’s a statistic that could shock anyone — half of the workforce is unhappy.

While it can be tough to accept that you’re no longer happy at your job (or worse, never were), leaving can be surprisingly liberating, especially if you move on to something you’re truly passionate about.

Signs You’re Unhappy at Work

If you’re considering moving on from your job, see how many of the below statements you agree with:

1. You Can’t Stand Mondays

Most people would agree that Mondays aren’t exactly their favorite day of the week, but do you ever find yourself absolutely dreading the start of the workweek?

2. Your Suggestions aren’t Appreciated

Feeling like you’ve got the answers, but no one is listening, is terribly defeating. If upper management isn’t dealing with the same day-to-day work you are, they may be quick to dismiss your good ideas.

3. You Don’t Feel Comfortable Speaking Up

Perhaps the only thing worse than your suggestions not being taken seriously is being afraid to suggest anything at all. A good company encourages feedback, criticism, and suggestions.

4. You’re Getting Sick More Often

Does it feel like you’ve been taking more sick days lately? A stressful job filled with long hours can have a serious effect on your mental and physical health.

5. You Don’t Care like You Used to

Are you just going through the motions at work? If you’re not passionate about the work you do, you’ll likely never be completely fulfilled in your career.

6. You Spend Your Work Days Procrastinating

Everyone procrastinates once in a while, but if you’re spending most of your day on social media or chatting with coworkers, it likely means that you don’t find your work interesting.

7. You’re Always Venting About Your Job

We’ve all had bad days that we need to vent about to our friends or family, but are the bad days starting to outweigh the good ones?

8. There’s Little Change for Advancement

There’s putting in your time, then there’s being taken advantage of. If you’ve been at your company for years and haven’t been promoted or given more responsibilities (despite asking for them) it’s time to leave.

9. You’re Considering Other Opportunities

Talk to someone who loves their job and they’ll often say that even if they got a slight pay raise or better title elsewhere, they wouldn’t leave. People who love what they do and where they do it rarely think about leaving. So, if leaving your job has crossed your mind in the past, it’s an idea worth exploring.

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