Why Moms Make Great Entrepreneurs

If you asked men and women when the best time to start a business was, you’d get two very different answers. Typically, women think the best time to start their own business is years before they have children.

But contrary to popular belief, the best preparation for entrepreneurship may just be motherhood! Why is that? Because moms:

Work well under pressure.

Dinner is starting to burn, the baby’s crying, and your 2-year-old just got his hands on the markers you hid. Just like running a business, running a family can be stressful. But when things get overwhelming, moms know how to keep calm and focus on what really matters.

Understand the art of negotiation.

If you think pitching to a potential new customer is hard, try convincing your five-year-old to finish their vegetables — now that’s a challenge!

Moms understand that any relationship involves a certain level of give and take. They understand that they might not get everything they’re asking for, but compromise is about making both parties happy in the end.

Are expert multi-taskers.

Whether they’re raising one child or four, moms have to be phenomenal multi-taskers — a skill that translates into every aspect of the franchise world.

Understand the need to prioritize.

Sometimes, there simply aren’t enough hours in the day and even the best multi-tasker can’t get everything done. When that’s the case, it’s important to prioritize what absolutely needs to get done today and what can be done tomorrow or next week.

Have plenty of experience working with children.

As a The Little Gym franchise owner, your job would consist of hiring and training employees, creating employee schedules, marketing, and taking inventory (among many other things).

That being said, you’re also the face of your location. Especially when you first open, many of our franchisees are on site each and every day, greeting customers and welcoming eager little ones. When it comes to expertly working with children, moms take the cake!

If you want to know more about our children’s gym franchise opportunity, check out our Steps to Ownership page to learn about our process.