Established The Little Gym Owner and Longtime Gym Director Team Up to Grow Brand in New Jersey

The Little Gym International, the world’s premier enrichment and physical development center for children ages four months through 12 and part of the youth enrichment growth-focused platform Unleashed Brands, has signed a new franchise agreement to expand the brand’s presence in New Jersey with existing franchisee Danielle Sporcic and local Gym Director Catherine Christ. The duo has diverse personal and professional backgrounds and say they are eager to expand a brand they believe in to more families in New Jersey. The new gym is slated to open Fall 2024 in the lower level of the Florham Village Center at 187 Columbia Turnpike in Florham Park, New Jersey.

Christ, married with two daughters, transitioned from a stay-at-home mom to part-time retail and a 25-year stint as a cheerleading coach. She has been the director of The Little Gym Montclair since 2007. Sporcic, formerly in securities in New York City and a cheerleader, is now married with two young children. Sporcic was inspired as a mom to open The Little Gym franchise in Jersey City, New Jersey in 2018. Finding consistent success with her gym, she is primed to expand to a new location to extend enrichment opportunities to more children in her community.

“Being part of The Little Gym and Unleashed Brands family has been an incredible journey,” said Sporcic. “The joy and positive impact we've seen in Jersey City drives my excitement to bring the magic of The Little Gym to Florham Park. I can't wait to witness more children grow, learn, and experience the unique and enriching programs we have to offer while, at the same time, expanding my portfolio of businesses with The Little Gym to provide a legacy for my family.”

As a gym director, Christ always envisioned being a Little Gym franchisee herself and says the new venture is the perfect opportunity to make that vision a reality. “Having been part of The Little Gym in Montclair for almost two decades, I've seen the positive impact it has on children's lives,” she said. “This expansion allows us to extend that impact to Florham Park and I couldn't be more confident in our ability to bring that joy and learning to the families joining us at our new location."

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With nearly 400 locations across 31 countries, The Little Gym teaches kids social and physical skills appropriate to each stage of childhood by creating opportunities to experience achievement and build self-confidence. At the core of the international franchise’s mission is becoming the foundation of a child’s development that will set them up for success. Through three-dimensional learning including physical activities, cognitive skills and social and emotional learning, the core teaching methods create opportunities for children to experience achievement and build self-confidence.

The Little Gym's network of franchisees is a diverse group made up of parents, accounting, finance, sales leaders, operations executives, existing business owners and beyond. To learn more about how you can become a The Little Gym owner visit